“The scenes with the Kat Bailess and Charles Howerton are particularly juicy as the pair dukes it out in a deliciously premeditated power scheme… Howerton is poised, subtle and potent.”

–, Mia Bonadonna (The Boomerang Effect)

“Charles Howerton is exceptional as the lusty old businessman who adds one more secretary to his life’s conquest……  This is a wonderful performance.”

– Joe Straw,  (The Boomerang Effect)

“The greatest performance was delivered by Howerton…watching Howerton portray Congressman Salt, the audience will never have a problem believing they are actually watching a genuinely senile yet experienced politician at work.”

– (The Sensuous Senator)

“Howerton’s portrait of a man with an agonizing secret and a desperate desire for forgiveness is one of the most compelling performances of the year (2006). His excellent reproduction of a foreign accent makes for chilling authenticity.”

– (Slow Dance on the Killing Ground)

“Capt. Arthur Phillip, played with an excellent balance of authority and humanity by Charles Howerton.”

– Daily Variety, Julio Martinez (Our Country’s Good)

“Bringing in the male perspective is Charles Howerton’s properly stolid and befuddled Earl of Caversham.”

– LA Times, Jana Monji (An Ideal Husband)

“Howerton suggests this ruthless code (injecting fear in others) through his eyes…he plays Thaxton…as a bad business dude out of the movies, and it’s this kind of exaggeration you wish would extend to the rest of the play…”

– LA Times, Robert Koehler (Backstabbing)

“As Johnny, Charles Howerton is very convincing, creating a human being instead of a stereotype…”

– St. Petersburg Times, Dorothy Smiljanich (Under Papa’s Picture)

“Just one actor is in control of his technique…Charles Howerton as the smoothly amoral prison administrator.”

– Drama-Logue, Richard Scaffidi (The Chamber of Little Ease)

“…the small family business…run by Andrew Jorgenson (Charles Howerton, who plays firm-but-kind with a fine inner strength)…carries a real New England stubborness…”

–, Terri Roberts (Other People’s Money)